Elsewhere: September 1, 2012 Story Spotlight (Carve Magazine)


For the September 1, 2012 Carve Story Spotlight, I look back in time to John Henry Fleming’s “Coward,” which appeared in the winter 2011 issue. A short but affecting piece, “Coward” follows a protagonist who at age six had his father hold a knife to his throat; when he was nine, his father committed suicide, leaving a note to his son to not follow in his footsteps. What follows is a story about cowardice and feigned courage, as well as the ability of the psychically scarred to move on.

By the way, before you read the Story Spotlight, just wanted to give the heads up that you’ll be seeing more of me on the Carve website, as I’ve been asked to contribute more posts in the blog’s “From the Editor” section. So look forward to some Q&As with past Carve authors and relevant news from the publishing world, among many other blog posts to come.

Read the Story Spotlight »

Read “Coward” by John Henry Fleming »


One thought on “Elsewhere: September 1, 2012 Story Spotlight (Carve Magazine)

  1. NyNy

    Nice blog post! Will you post again in 2013? This probably doesn’t relate much to your site but I wonder if you can do a feature post on the site, ReadWave and perhaps the founders, Rob and Raoul?

    I would be very grateful if you could get back to me on my blog (the link is there if you click my name) or by email: submissions@readwave.com

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