The Versatile Blogger Award!


In addition to the “Versatile Blogger,” is there also a “Top Blogger” and “Bottom Blogger” award? (Sorry, my mind went there).

A few weeks back (sorry, been on vacation mode!), one of my favorite short story writers and video game journalists, Peter Tieryas Liu, nominated this humble blog before you for a “Versatile Blogger Award.” Part and parcel of the nomination/award is a bit of fun protocol:  As a nominee I am in turn supposed to nominate other blogs and/or bloggers I find worthy of recognition. So, being my own prize selection committee, here are just a sampling of blogs I would recommend, in purely random order:

I’m also supposed to share seven things about myself, so here they are in all their silly, random, but true glory:

  1. My first foray into publishing was at nine years old, when I tried to cobble together a Nintendo Power magazine knock-off (shelved–and rightly so–shortly after conception).
  2. eBooks made me realize just how much I hate physical books, i.e. having to angle them so and precariously hold up the free weights they can be when I’m reading lying down.
  3. I want to decorate my house with Yoshitaka Amano prints, install a giant koi pond in my bedroom, and get a live-in sushi chef.
  4. I would like Nobuo Uematsu to compose the soundtrack to my life, and for Kate Bush to sing the theme song.
  5. My bucket list consists of meeting Michelle Kwan, writing a Doctor Who episode, and penning a video game script.
  6. I know my way around time-sucking vortices. I’m your man should you need a cartographer of them.
  7. Heaven for me is being a swat-proof fly on the wall, while hell consists of having to go to casinos and clubs (even though I’ve got moves like Jagger).

4 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. Many thanks for the nomination, Rio. I’d love to write a Dr. Who script with you in our writing studio complete with a live-in sushi chef and koi pond to keep the creative juices flowing and to wrap our heads around the wibbly wobbly!

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