Elsewhere: “Review: ‘ZYZZYVA’ Spring 2011 Issue Fiction” on Ruelle Electrique


Revamped by a new editorial staff headed by Laura Cogan, the spring 2011 issue of “ZYZZYVA” is out now. Even with changes in editorial policies and vision, the journal’s spirit is still there, so readers need not brace themselves for too much of a shock. In my Ruelle Electrique review of the current issue, I cover the following fiction pieces:

  • Leticia del Toro’s “Piropo”
  • Pamela Rivas’s “Son of The General”
  • Tom Barbash’s “How to Fall”
  • Vanessa Hua’s “The Third Daughter”
  • Erika Recordon’s “Evolution” and “Our Brave Little Soldiers”

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