Elsewhere: “Video Game Review: ‘Dragon Age 2′” on Ruelle Electrique


I like men with dark pasts, too, but I like games with well-written stories even more.

Rating:  ☆ ☆ ☆ 1/2

Ruelle Electrique just posted my review of Bioware’s role-playing video game, “Dragon Age II.” You might remember me railing back in 2009 about the paucity of video games even attempting to cater to gaymers, a gripe brought about by playing “Dragon Age: Origins,” which in hindsight I now view as one of the past decade’s best RPGs. Well, I got my wish (Score!), as gaymers can now engage in a decently written gay romance in “Dragon Age II.” Unfortunately, the game now lacks in the other departments its predecessor excelled in (ah, such a bittersweet trade-off). Here’s hoping “Dragon Age III” will be the next well-written RPG of the decade to allow for gay romances! Hop on to the Ruelle for more.

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