Elsewhere: “Review: ‘Alaska Quarterly Review’ Fall & Winter 2010 Issue Fiction” on Ruelle Electrique


AQR Fall/Winter 2010 Issue

The winter 2010 issue of “Alaska Quarterly Review” has some gems that you shouldn’t miss out on. Fiction offerings I cover include:

  • Linda LeGarde Grover’s “Bingo Night”
  • Scott Bear Don’t Walk’s “Last Stand”
  • Mark Wisniewski’s “Schnecks”
  • Bojan Louis’s “As Meaningless as the Origin”
  • Jenny Shank’s “Moonlight, Starlight, Boogie Won’t Be Out Tonight”
  • Richard N. Bentley’s “Chrysanthemums”
  • Aurelie Sheehan’s “Orange Blossoms”
  • Victoria Patterson’s “Nobody’s Business”

Pick up your copy of the winter issue and head on over to Ruelle Electrique!

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