Elsewhere: Exploring Story Interactivity & Gayming in “Dragon Age: Origins” on Ruelle Electrique


Story of my life. Falling in love with the straight guy. Even in a video game. Ugh. (LOL).

Damn video game strategy guide and damn skimming, an unfortunate combination of which led me to believe a particular male character in “Dragon Age: Origins” (the dashing Alistair, above) was actually romanceable for a gaymer like me. Oh, how devastating it was to realize too late that my flirtations with the would-be king could never amount to anything more than a mere bromance. In an article I wrote for Ruelle Electrique, I ask the question, “Will there ever be a video game that can throw a gaymer a, er, bone?” (Ha!). But on a less facetious note, I delve into the deeper issue of being able to mold a video game story as the player pleases. The great thing about role playing video games is how customizable the experience can be of playing, which is essential for allowing a gamer to fully immerse him/herself in the game. But interactivity and customization can only go so far. In the case above, the author had intended for Alistair to only be a female romance option, meaning no luck for me. It’s an odd balancing act, as the author should rightly have control over the story, but in an interactive game such as this the player should also be able to craft the story to fit his/her experience.

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