Elsewhere: Musings on Video Games on Ruelle Electrique


Riffing off of an article I read in “The Believer,” this Ruelle Electrique article I wrote covers a topic near and dear to my heart but unfortunately much derided by many in the arts community: video games. There is so much potential for video games to become art, and so much that can differentiate it from the other arts. In the article, I write: “Whereas in movies, novels, songs, short stories, etc. we can only be presented with an “edit” of life, a video game can provide a life nearly in full (a game can go on for hours on end, 20 hours, 40 hours, 30 hours, weeks, months, etc.).  As such, a viewer/player can truly dive into a character’s life in a way that the aforementioned formats cannot.  I think in this regard, video games have the potential to better reflect life itself.”

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